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Award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

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Frantoio takes great pride in sourcing only the finest ingredients to excite our guests' senses and palates and our primary mission is the quality and integrity of the dish and the atmosphere we present it in. We always strive to use the very best ingredients serving locally produced fruit, vegetables, seafood and meats that support the local economy while remaining loyal to our Italian roots. All dishes are prepared with our award-winning extra virgin olive oil.


We are the only restaurant in the U.S. with an in-house state of the art Certified Organic olive oil production facility. Frantoio produces and bottles one kind of California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olive oil is made with only one ingredient: California grown fresh olives! For your convenience, our olive oil is available through our online ordering or you can pick it up at the restaurant. Frantoio Restaurant patrons, during the crushing season (November and December), can watch the entire olive oil making process while enjoying an authentic contemporary Italian meal. This oil is a blend of 100% Tuscan varietals grown in California. With a lively aroma rich with green Pippin apples and herbs, the taste is medium-bodied with light, spicy overtones of almonds. The finish has a mild pungency that one would expect from a fresh oil. With near perfect balance, this oil is an ideal all-purpose condiment, bold enough for drizzling over grilled vegetables, meats and poultry, yet light enough for a piquant salad dressing. In a handsome 375 ml bottle, the Proprietor Select is spectacular value!


Answers to common questions (generally speaking):
• Most trees begin producing at year 4, about one handful per tree. They progress in quantity until about age 12 at which point, hopefully, the tree has reached 80-90% production level.
• Olive quantity and quality are directly impacted by yearly variances such as weather conditions and annual rain fall.
• We are an organic certified facility so if you bring us organic olives w/ organic certificate we can produce your own organic olive oil.
• We wash the equipment thoroughly every night with hot water to sterilize the machinery before the next day's production.
• Ideal delivery time is same day of harvest any time before 8 pm. Call to arrange earliest possible delivery (for quality proposes)
• If you have only a few hundred pounds pickling may be a better option, although we do occasionally take clients with small quantities on a case by case basis. Please call for inquiries.
• WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT depending on the olive quality.  We accept only the finest.